The College of Computer Science and Mathematics was established at Dhi Qar University in the academic year 2008-2009.

The college includes three scientific departments:

Department of Computer Science (morning/evening)

Mathematics Department (morning/evening)

Department of Information Technology (morning)

The College of Computer Science and Mathematics is located in the Shamiya Side  near Nasiriyah Park, beside to the College of Science at Dhi Qar University.

The college contains three buildings, each building consisting of two floors:

–        The Deanship building and administrative units.

–        Scientific departments building.

–        Classroom building.

The college contains 11 classrooms, four computer laboratories, Internet hall, and  library.

The college adopts a modern electronic classroom system, as each classroom is equipped with a screen.

The College of Computer Science and Mathematics at Dhi Qar University is a qualitative college with its specializations, teaching method, and teaching system, where each teaching staff is equipped with a portable laptop computer to prepare the lecture and present it to the students.

Since the beginning of its establishment, the college has sought to develop the scientific side of students and teachers by activating study sessions and participating in conferences and scientific seminars. A schedule is organized at the beginning of each academic year for study sessions and is fixed by a committee formed in each department to follow up on the study sessions. There is a committee  follows-up conferences  and also The scientific department in each department follows up on local and international conferences to inform the teaching staff of the date and location of the conference and urge them to participate in the scientific conferences.

The College of Computer Science and Mathematics adopts the semester system, and the course system will be adopted starting from the academic year 2019-2010. During four years, the student receives 140-144 theoretical and practical academic units, which are considered one of the requirements for the student’s graduation. There are also committees charged with evaluating the scientific curricula and scientific books approved by the teaching staff.

The vision, mission, and general goals of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics

College vision:

The College of Computer Science and Mathematics seeks to be a pioneering and distinguished college in the field of education and scientific research by developing its scientific programs within international standards and spreading the culture of information technology and mathematics applications to serve society.

College message (mission ) :

The College of Computer Science and Mathematics offers distinguished study programs in the field of computer science and mathematics, as well as their common fields, and is able to provide the community with scientific competencies in the college’s specializations qualified to achieve excellence in the field of the labor market.

College objectives:

1- The college seeks to provide a suitable work environment and develop the capabilities and skills of the college’s educational and administrative staff.

2- Providing the community with highly qualified specialists in the field of computer science, informatics and applied mathematics who are able to deal with various specialized problems.

3- Working to develop and continuously improve the scientific quality of education and research within regional and international standards.

4- Developing postgraduate studies and scientific research to serve society and work on transferring global technology and its applications.

5- Preparing the college to ensure the quality of education and obtain academic accreditation during the next few years by developing the institutional capacity and educational effectiveness of the college.

6- Supplying distinguished advisory, training and educational services to beneficiaries.

7- Developing relationships and exchanging experiences with corresponding colleges in various universities locally and internationally.

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