In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

In the name of God, praise be to Him, and thanks be to Him for the blessing of the mind and its enlightenment with knowledge, and for making that light a path through which we can find the right path and see the correct path. Our dear students, you who carry the most powerful weapon. With the beginning of the new academic year, the Deanship of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics, on its own behalf and on behalf of the esteemed College Council, warmly welcomes you. Welcome to the halls and corridors of your college, which have always been purely your discussions, opinions, and scientific source. We are pleased to see you and yours. You fill the college with an open mind, aspiration for a better future, and determination stemming from your goal of seeing your country with a future and hopes as bright as the radiance of the victories of our army and our sacred mobilization on the battlefields. Here you are as we begin that year with determination and a desire to be the best. The best scientifically and intellectually. I urge you, my dear students, to attend regularly and to study lectures and to exert effort until we feel the taste of excellence, since the pleasure of success is the same as the pleasure of victory in battles, but with a different vision. We also welcome the group of male and female teachers who joined our college that year to increase our academic balance and to give the students the knowledge that God has bestowed upon them. And we do not forget the staff of male and female employees who always work to make our college better. I wish them all the success in the process of giving. That endless giving. Which stems from their eagerness to perform their duty. May God grant you success and enable us to serve our dear country.


Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics


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