Duties of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs:

1- Coordinating the works of administrative and technical staff in all college departments according to work requirements and distributing them to units or divisions, each according to its specialty, in a way that guarantees the college’s interest and needs.

2- Controlling the employes management system of administrators and technicians according to attendance, vacations, tasks, and specializations.

3- Ensure that answered all official documents and that what is required by the university presidency is accomplished in a timely manner.

4- Recommending the promotion of the college’s technical and administrative members.

5- Approval to accept medical reports issued from inside and outside Iraq for college members, in accordance with the regulations.

6- Making the necessary moves ( transfer ) in the college’s administrative staff in accordance with the requirements of the public interest.

7- Signing the issuance of orders to grant regular vacations, summer vacations, and legally approved bonuses to those who are retired from the college.

8- Approval and disbursement of delegation advances for teachers, technicians and administrators for college members inside Iraq and for the appropriate periods to complete the mission.

9- Granting maternity and maternity leave to all college members, according to the instructions.

10- Paying attention and supervising the safety of government buildings, maintaining them, and expanding them according to work requirements.

11- To be care ( keen ) to attend College Council meetings, and to participate in various committees in order to achieve the public interest



Divisions and units associated with the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs

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