The Teaching Staff for the Academic
No The nameC.VAccurate jurisdiction &General  jurisdiction
1 D .Akram barazan attarc.vMaths & Graph theory
2D .Riyadh rustam mohsenc.vMaths  & Mathematical Statistics
3D .Kamal hamid yasserc.vMaths & Differential Equation
4 D .Mohammed kadhim zghairc.vMaths & Operations Research
5  Waleed khalid jaberc.vMaths & Applied Mathematical
6 D .Muhenned abdulameer abdulsahibc.vMaths & Partial Differential Equation
7 D .Salam  jasim majeedc.vMaths & Applied Mathematical
8 D .Shaheed naser huseenc.vMaths & Numerical Analysis
9 D .sattar abd khraibedc.vMaths & Number Theory
10 D .adnan hashim abdulwahidc.vMaths & Algebra
11D .nada abdul huseen laabic.vMaths & Differential Equation
12 D .ahmed abbas mohammedc.vMaths & Nuclear physics
13 D .habeeb abed kadhimc.vMaths & Applied Mathematical
14 Ehsan majeed hameedc.vMaths & Functional Analysis
15 Yaqoob abdul hussein farawic.vMaths & Graph theory
16Ahmed ghanawi jasimc.vMaths & Functional Analysis
17 Azhar aziz sanqoorc.vMaths & Graph theory
18 Zahoor mosad aydamc.vScience computer& Image processing
19 Haider Ali Mkharribc.vMaths& Numerical Analysis
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