Unit mission and recruitment

Through our vision of the urgent need among students and graduates who want to empower their abilities, they begin to qualify for work and advance in job grades, so a unit of desire and employment was established in our university/college – to help these resources and everyone join in job skills.

Benefit for universities:

The Rehabilitation and Employment Unit is a vital bridge between universities and the private and public sectors, through successful employment and training programs for students, which creates a good reputation for the university and increases student demand to study there. The successful Rehabilitation Unit adopts mutually beneficial relationships with the market, creating opportunities to expand industrial relations.

Benefit for students and graduates:

The Employment Unit provides opportunities to develop students in a professional manner, in addition to the possibility of communicating with potential employers, and improving job-winning skills. These opportunities, connections, and skills make the transition from the academic to the practical framework more successful.

Unit tasks:

  1. Training and qualifying students with additional skills for the purpose of integrating them into the labor market by holding training workshops in this field.
  2. Assisting in employing graduates by contacting private and governmental companies to find job opportunities that suit their aspirations and the academic experience they have acquired in their universities and training experience in the rehabilitation, employment and follow-up divisions.
  3. Coordination, preparation, and holding job fairs in cooperation with private and government companies for the purpose of communication with graduate students.
  4. Follow up on graduates after their employment, indicate the strengths and weaknesses of their performance, and submit periodic reports to their colleges regarding amending the curricula in accordance with what the labor market requires.

assistant teacher: shurooq kamel abd

Educational and academic rehabilitation unit

phone number        :07818386567

Email:  shurooqkamel@utq.edu.iq

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