Computer Sciences Staff

   Assistant Prof . Dr. Hayder Ibrahim Handi

Assistant Prof . Dr. Najah Rasool Dakhil

Assistant Prof . Dr. Shaker K. Ali

 Assistant Prof .Ali Hassan Muosa

Assistant Prof .Amir.Y.Mahdi

Dr. Aqeel Sahi Khader

 Dr. Ausama Aziz Majeed

 Dr. Hamdan Lateef Jaheel

 Dr. Zeyad Tariq Aklah

Lecturer.  Kadem Kafel Rehef

Lecturer. Ahmad F. Al Musawi

Lecturer. Asseel Jabbar Hasab

Lecturer. Nawofel Mohammed Hussain Aziz

Lecturer. Rana Sabah Naser

Lecturer. Shaymaa Rashid Saleh

 Lecturer. Wijdan Rashid abdulhussein

Assistant .Lecturer. Atyaf J.Yaseen

Assistant .Lecturer. Baidaa Mutasher Rashed  c.v

Assistant .Lecturer. Maha A.Sayal

Assistant .Lecturer. Muhanad Mohammed Kadum

Mathematics  Staff


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