A word of the department 

  The Department of Mathematics was established at the same day that the college of Computer Science and Mathematics was founded at the University of Thi-Qar in 2008. The Department offers a bachelor’s degree in mathematics for four years, and a master’s degree in mathematics for two years after the bachelor. The system of teaching is semesters.

Objectives of the Department

:The Department of Mathematics objectives includes the followin

Promote for the importance of mathematics and it application in solving our life problems.

Prepare graduate students to be successful in their higher education that include master and doctor of philosophy levels.

Improve the quality of education to get along with the current technology development in the international universities.

Graduating students with a high level of scientific competence meet the requirement of the labor market in our country.

Developing study plans for the different degree levels keep pace with latest scientific developments.

Graduating cadres that are capable of dealing with advanced technologies and modern changes in an effective and flexible way.

Enhance students’ skills, scientific ability and local and international competition in the field of their specializations.

Promote scientific research in the field of mathematics. Also, studying the mathematical and statistical problems, and finding the appropriate solutions for them.

Encouraging faculty to participate in prestigious local and international scientific conferences.

Motivate students to be informed of the recent scientific research, technology and smart learning methods.

The department faculty meet the needs of mathematics professors in the college and university.

The Department Vision

The mathematics department vision is to be distinctive among the departments of mathematics at the local and global level. This can be done by first, being able to provide concepts of mathematics with high quality in the field of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. Second, being able to prepare students for the labor market and develop their abilities to communicate and interact with society by highlighting the importance of mathematics and its beauty.

The Department Mission

The mission of the department is to meet the objectives of the department by introducing the basic knowledge and concepts in pure and applied mathematics for the students. Moreover, enhance the abilities of students in computer applications that help the society to solve the life problems through knowledge of mathematical concepts and programming.  Thus, the link between mathematics and computer science is realized according to society needs. This, points the importance of college of computer and mathematical sciences.

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